Blue Moons are about second chances…

Blue Moons are about second chances.

Or maybe the 2nd chance to the 10th chance you messed up, or the world messed up, or whoever/whatever messed up one’s aims and plans.

The project that keeps on failing. The fund raising that keeps missing its mark. The status of your long fought migration that keeps getting blocked. The job(s) that seem to never come. The life that slipped through your fingers.


Sitting on the porch, staring at the blue moon for an hour with my little one, failing to capture it with my silly 2020 smartphone, she told me we need to keep moving on earth. She is right. Padayon. Carry on.

But I also had to tell her, even when sitting still on Earth, if we trust the universe, it will carry us on also, as it is meant to be… To sleep, for it is 2am my little one.

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