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Dean Marc

31 posts
Part of the more nomadic tribe of humanity, Dean believes a boat anchored ashore, while safe, is a tragedy, as this denies the boat its purpose. Dean normally works as a strategist, advisor, operator, mentor, coder, and janitor for several technology companies, open-source communities, and startups. Otherwise, he's on a hunt for some good bean or leaf to enjoy a good read on some newly (re)discovered city or walking roads less taken with his little one.

Catching Dandelions

I struggle as a pseudo-solo parent of a pandemic infant -> toddler. Advice. Opinions. Platitudes. Lab Isolated Nuggets…

Mamawi! Happy Canada Day 2023

_I love unfinished things,the bookmark set between closed pages,the field that waits for seed, Canadais a place like…

The Evolution Of Parenting

From tools to language to brainpower, there’s no shortage of theories positing why humans went from the savannah…