I struggle as a pseudo-solo parent of a pandemic infant -> toddler.

Advice. Opinions. Platitudes. Lab Isolated Nuggets Of Wisdom. Unaccountable In Failure, Futility, Or Success. There is much.

Words. Actions. Examples. Often they don’t matter. Or they do but falls on non-deaf distracted ears. They are kids, for heaven’s sake.

But I try to teach her (and surprisingly often, benefits me more than her) about life ahead for her, in a way she’d appreciate.

Today’s Lesson on difficult pursuits and people, like dreams, of job hunting, or meal hunting, or growing things, or sales, or projects, or startups, or simply getting things done for real, or the global political economy, etc.


Catch Beautiful Dandelions With Gentility.

Gentle Does It. Sometimes. Often.

Luck Matters. Position Yourself For Chances. Right Place. Right Time.

Sometimes, Despite The World’s Pretentions, What Matters To Them Is Who You Are As People Race Colour Etc, Not What You Do Or Wish To Become. Practice.

Fun Is Passion’s Happy Twin In Success And Failure. Adults Are Wrong Too. Adults Are Lost Too Often, Pretending To The World And Ourselves To Get By Through Desperation. Half Of The Virtue Of Kindness Is Gentleness.

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